Reality Counseling and Training Center - Building Stronger Relationships through Choice
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Glasser Intensive Training
Basic or Advanced training in Reality Therapy /Choice theory
Price: $500.00
Glasser Practicum Supervision
Basic or Advanced online
Price: $350.00
Take Charge of Your Life
Workshop 6 hours
Price: $57.00
Take Charge of Your Life Kit
Kit of materials for workshop facilitation
Price: $145.00
Glasser Floor Chart
Choice Theory Teaching tool Large Floor Chart
Price: $385.00
Circle of Strength Floor Chart
Large floor chart teaching tool Small Table top chart
Price: $365.00
Total Behavior Board Game
TB component board game for young children age 5-8 yrs.
Price: $27.00
NC Day Care Caregivers Training
A Anger Management B Conflict & Solutions
Price: $25.00
Reality Therapy Counseling
Mental Health Counseling session
Price: $97.00
WGI Faculty Training PSP
Faculty Level training WGI
Price: $1,000.00
Get Happier Project USA materials
poster set
Price: $67.00
Open/deadend Roads posters:
TB Components posters:
Mentoring for TCOYL
online or face to face /per hour
Price: $35.00
Books and Materials
CT and Restitution Books
Price: $4,588.00
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