Reality Counseling and Training Center - Building Stronger Relationships through Choice
Southeast Region William Glasser Institute 
Our Fall Conference was a great success! 
Choosing Change:
                    Mental Health and Education

       We opened with a CHANGE Game  and then our keynote speaker, Diane Chelsom Gossen presented us with System Change:  Creating the Conditions.  She  provided several activities and principles to remember when dealing with the changes that are taking place in our relationships. We were fortunate to have several other speakers who filled in the rest of the day with excellent research and information.  
Workshop Presenters:   Gloria Cisse  "Trauma Informed Reality Therapy"
                                      Willa Casstevens "Treatment Plans with Reality Therapy"
                                      Steve Hammond "Changes within a Quality School"
                                      Steve Leatherwood "Changes in Mental Health Model"
       Saturday evening the group and their families were guests at the Coates home for Wine and Cheese.  Since there was ample BBQ left from lunch, many stayed and made that their supper.  
       Our business meeting on Sunday was presided by Willa Casstevens and almost all of the conference attendees stayed for this.  We had a really nice turnout of 22 people, some with long term loyalty and several new members.  
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