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St. Joseph's Academy, Kalawa, Kenya

We are pleased to announce the 6th year of our elementary school in Kalawa, Kenya. This year (2020) our sixty-nine students and eight teachers are working hard to create a collaborative, needs-satisfying environment where all students will find that education can transform their lives and add quality to their future in Kenya. St. Joseph's Academy is being designed to increase each student's knowledge and skills so they can be prepared as leaders in Kenyan society. Our plans for boarding opportunities have begun, however we do not expect to open these facilities before March 2021.

New for 2020! Technology Coding Classes begin in Sept.

In 2013, beginning with only three (K-3) classrooms, the school added classroom buildings to the existing ones and a library building. In 2014 the student enrollment ballooned to 66 children in pre-kindergarten to sixth grade. The growing interest exceeded our campus facilities and several enhancements were made. The 2015 enrollment was capped at 50 students even though the community would like to enroll more. As construction of campus facilities and staff development moves forward, we anticipate growth in class numbers and scope by 2021. 

In 2015 more construction was completed. We added another six classrooms and laid plans for a multi-purpose building. In 2016 a computer lab was completed and open to the community in the evenings. We dug new wells and upgraded the plumbing for the buildings in 2017 as well as adding space to the library. In 2018 the children were thrilled with new playground equipment, slides, bars, & whirler. Planning for the boarding facilities, new kitchen and bathrooms is underway to be completed by 2019-20.

Professional teaching standards and administrative re-structuring will be our focus in the next three years. We are seeking funding and volunteers to provide the necessary budget for our expansion. The community of Kalawa is excited for the opportunities that our school can provide, and we are pleased with the assistance that we are getting from the parents and grandparents of the students. Donations from supportive friends are welcome.

We are expanding opportunities for volunteers to lend a hand with the additions to the campus. Group excursions to Kenya did not open due to Covid19, however we expect to have these re-instated by fall. We will be welcoming groups who want to share their expertise with the students, provide computer skills or organizational development in the library. For information and further plans for these excursions, contact us for a detailed information folder.

To donate (tax deductible) to Kalawa School: See button on Contact Us page

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