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Teaching or Training Products and Materials

We carry a wide range of products to suit a variety of training needs in the mental health field and education. Our most popular products are shown below. Please call or request a catalog for more information on products, current promotions and custom options.

Choice Theory Floor Chart of the Brain as a Control System

Large felt teaching chart to describe the workings of the human brain, known as William Glasser's Choice Theory chart. This colorful model and description can be used by teachers, trainers and facilitators of students in Choice theory training. The chart is made of felt, with individual pieces embroidered with the concept they represent.

. Size 45 x 68" $397 US

Charts made to order in other languages (French, Spanish, Croatian) $427 US

Circle of Strength Chart --

From Blame to Balance

developed by Shelley Brierley of Vancouver, BC

Understanding the communication process that often creates difficulties in family and work-related systems, Learn how to communicate more effectively for a successful, happy relationship. Based on Choice Theory psychology, this teaching strategy and aid will facilitate better communication skills.

Chart available in two sizes:

Small (table top) $85 US

Large $325.00 US

Take Charge of Your Life Kit 

 (Available to CTRTC members & facilitators only)

for facilitating workshops introducing Choice Theory $140.00 US

This complete kit contains all the materials for presenting the TCOYL workshop. Over 180 pieces of training materials, including: Facilitator Guide, Participant Manual, Power Point slides and marketing materials on a flash drive; 5 different card packages; balloons; rubber bands; and other suggestions. 

 Get Happier Tool Box        A wealth of colorful cards for counselors to help young children deal with their challenges.  Card set of 52 cards plus Suggestions for uses, games and strategies.    Price $115.00

Also available: Catalog of Other Tools

Guides for Glasser Quality School model & training

Restitution Triangle Floor Chart     $225.00

Need Strength Assessment instruments    $5.00

Take Charge of Your Life Banner    $135.00 plus shipping

Board game for Children Get Happier Project    $25.00

Role Play Scripts for Students   $12.00

Open Road Posters 18x24  $18.00

Get Happier Floor Chart   $210.00

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